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How to go to the Philippines

The best way to get to the Philippines is by plane. The most frequent entry point is at Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport. If you want to visit the Luzon Region , and the nation’s capital, this is the place to land. However, there are other Luzon airports such as Macapagal Aiport in Pampanga, Subic Bay Airport in Zambales, and Laoag Airpot in Ilocos Norte. It’s fairly difficult to find an international flight that would land on these three other airports, but I highly recommend it since NAIA is most of the times crowded. Americans would definitely be more comfortable in either Subic Bay or Macapagal Airport because there are some Americans who have chosen to stay in the Philippines which mostly composes of remnants of American Base personnel abound the area, and most of the local populace can speak English. I highly recommend the smaller Laoag Airport, since it has the least traffic, the city is not as congested, and you can visit the beautiful Vigan city easily.

If you want to visit the Visayas region, you can choose between Cebu International Airport or Iloilo International Airport. Cebu is highly urbanized, so you won’t have any problem getting around. About the airport in Iloilo, but I don’t have much information on it as of now. The Visayas region is the premiere place if you’re looking for sand-sea-surf type of recreation. It is home to some of the most renowned beaches in the Philippines such as the Boracay Beach.

In the Mindanao Region, There is Davao International Airport, General Santos International Airport, and Zamboanga International Airport. Due to numerous acts of violence in this region, and the prevalence of terrorist groups such as the Abu Sayaff and the MNLF, this region is often shunned by tourists. This is a very sad thing since the Mindanao Region offers many Philippine Ecotourism destinations such as Mt. Apo, the highest peak in the country. The beaches may not be as beautiful as those in the Visayas region, but most of them are pristine natural beauties, untouched by man’s sense of urbanity. The culture is also very colorful, and the people – despite the travel warnings and bad media images – are very friendly. If you don’t mind taking the risk (a very small one in my opinion) try to discover this region first.

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