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Forms of Transportation in the Philippines - Car Rentals

There are also Car rental services in the Philippines, but most are located only in the Manila area, though some have now expanded their businesses in Cebu and Bagiuo City. The most common car rental agencies are AVIS, Budget Cars, and Hertz. Hertz offer a wider choice of vehicles, even luxury models and limousines but is also the most expensive. There are other smaller car rental companies, but the 3 aforementioned are the most common and easiest to contact. All 3 car rental companies offer vehicles for your own driving or with a company driver. A valid international license is required if you want to do your own driving.

Driving in the Philippine streets takes a lot of getting used to. Although most international traffic rules also apply here, you may have a difficult time adjusting your driving skills. The rule of thumb seem to be "Size is might". If a bigger vehicle such as a truck or Bus tries to cut you off, its better give way since the drivers know that unless you have a bigger vehicle, they are safe and won't care if you crash into them. Pedestrians and street vendors also litter the streets, even the highways. It's not uncommon to see pedestrians trying to cross the streets, even if there's a pedestrian crossing or a footbridge nearby. Some streets also have beggars that would knock in your doors asking for spare change, most of them children. Motorcycles are hugely popular nowadays since they offer a cheaper mode of personal transportation. They zigzag along the streets of manila at high speeds and often cuts in-between vehicles. In metro manila, there is now a traffic ordinance that reserves the rightmost lane (the nearest to the sidewalk) to public utility vehicles, so it's best not to go there. Don't tailgate public utility vehicles, since they have the uncanny ability to suddenly stop to call in passengers, and you might get stuck in between two PUV's that are calling in passengers.

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