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Finding a Place to Stay in the Philippines

Housing and Apartment rentals are easy to find and very affordable. A two story 80 square meter house costs only around 10,000 Pesos ($250) to 15,000 Pesos ($375) per month. An apartment with two rooms would cost around 6,000 Pesos ($150) to 12,000 Pesos ($300) per month. The prices depend on the location of the building. Apartments which are located near the commercial areas are often more expensive. Hotel Accommodation can vary from 8,000 Pesos ($200) per night to as much as 75,000 Pesos ($1900) or more, depending on the Hotel. If you are on a tight budget, most Cities (like Bagiuo City, Makati, Quezon City, Laguna) also have Hostels, Condominiums, and Apartments that accept Transients, and are often specially catered to Tourists – Foreign and Local alike. The price ranges from 500 Pesos ($13) to 5,000 Pesos ($125) per night.

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