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Filipino Beverages II

Calamansi Juice

Calamansi is a small citrus fruit native to the Philippine islands. This fruit is commonly used in various dipping sauces as well as an ingredient in many Filipino cuisine, such as Sinigang. Calamansi juice is made by extracting the juices of Calamansi fruits, adding a pinch of salt and sugar, then cold water. Hot Calamansi Juice is also commonly prepared as a soothing drink for those who have colds or fever.

Taho is made from soft tofu mixed together with tapioca pearls and dark molasses syrup. It’s like the soft tofu smoothies commonly sold on health establishments. Unlike smoothies though, Taho is served warm. It’s commonly sold in the mornings.

Kapeng Barako
Kapeng Barako can be loosely translated as “Coffee for the Manly Man”. It is the pride of the Batangas province in Luzon. It is a very strong coffee brew akin to drinking a double expresso.

Salabat is a tea made from ground ginger root. It is often consumed by older people in the mornings and afternoons. It is said that Salabat can greatly improve one’s digestive and circulatory systems.

Ice Crumble/ Ice Scramble

This treat is adorned by Filipino children. Ice Crumble is made by mixing vanilla essence, sugar, and red food coloring with finely crushed ice. The mixture is then scooped into small plastic cups and topped with powdered milk and chocolate syrup (Usually Hershey’s Brown Cow).

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