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Scams and Fraud in the Philippines - Fake Cry of Rape/Molestation

A scam similar to the Fencing-Selling Scam. The modus operandi is that a girl would offer you “Sexual Service” in exchange for money. She is often very charming and a smart talker so she can lure and convince you to take her services. If you agree, she will suggest a place where you can save on motel expenses. Once there, and as you go on to do the deed, she will cry out rape. Two to three guys will bust into your room and try to pound you. Then they will tell you that they won’t call the police if you offer them money. In some night bars, KTV and Disco Pubs, (specially in Manila and Quezon City) there are girls who walk to you and tell you the she likes you. She will offer to have sex with you in a nearby dark alley or at the parking area. If you take the bait, as you and the girl are “getting it on”, she will suddenly cry rape and again, some guys from out of nowhere will jump to the scene. Again, they will offer that they will take care of the situation if you pay them.

A newer version of this scam is that a young girl would approach you and offer sex. Most of the time, Foreigners tend not to ask if the girl is of legal age, and if they do, she will show often show a fake ID, or a real one, depending on the situation. She will then agree to go with you in any place of your choice. If you don’t have a car, a cab would magically appear out of nowhere and she’ll flag it so you can get to your destination. As you get frisky in the cab or in your own car, a Police would suddenly stop the taxi or your car and charge you with Statutory Rape or Corruption of Minor, since the girl is underaged. If you insist that the girl is of proper age because she showed you her ID. The police would then ask the girl for an ID, and she will hand out one that is different form the one she showed you earlier. That ID would indicate that the girl is indeed underage. The police would then convince you to “Resolve” the situation by paying him.

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