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Philippine Gangs and Criminal Syndicates - Cellphone Robbers/Muggers

Cellphone Robbers/Muggers
Since the popularity of Cellular Phones in the Philippines, there are a growing number of incidents involving Cellphone robbery which results to death, but this can be easily avoided just by giving you phone. Here in the Philippines, some people who earn $300 a month often buy cellphones costing $400-$1000, often using it as a sort of status symbol. That’s why some people often resist when muggers or robbers try to get their phones. They often see their $1000 dollar phones as their life savings. People in other countries often give up their $20,000 cars to a carjacker without any resistance, while some Filipinos risk their lives to protect their $1000 cellphone. In other countries, most cellphones are given away free by their service providers, so I think tourists will find it easy to just give up their cellphone units when they are mugged. If you’re going to buy a cellphone here, it is best to buy the cheaper ones, since most muggers usually target the more expensive cellphone models.

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