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Forms of Transportation in the Philippines – The Jeepney

The Jeep or Jeepney is considered the “King of the Streets” in the Philippines. It is the most common form of transportation in the Philippines. It can be found from the streets of busy Urban areas, to the remotest provinces of the Philippines. It is a type of passenger vehicle that looks like a stretched “Jeep” car. It is characterized by its colorful decorations much like how the Japanese “pimp” out their delivery rig trucks.

The Jeepney started out as a retrofitted U.S. Army Jeep modified for civilian use. The design and production of the Jeepney have not had a major difference from how it was produced back then. But instead of modifying a Jeep car, today’s Jeepney are often made from putting together different parts from different car manufacturers. A typical Jeepney can be made from an Isuzu small truck or a Toyota/Mistubishi multicab chassis fitted with an Isuzu Diesel Truck Engine. The body is made from steel sheets and rods. Jeepneys that are to be used in the Urban areas often have 8 seater capacity (8 people can seat on each side inside the Jeepney) but there are also monster 12 and 14 seaters which is often found on longer routes. There are also Jeepney that are aircondtioned, specially in the Ayala Area in Makati. Jeepney’s made for Rural areas and Provincial routes often have 12 seater capacities, and have steel rods in the roof for loading additional cargoes and passengers. Jeepneys on Rural Areas of the Philippines also have bigger engines.

Most Foreigners say that riding the Jeepney is almost like riding a rollercoaster. Indeed, most Jeepneys often speed up and zigzag the road, missing other cars just by mere inches. When a Jeepney is speeding or zigzagging along the road, better hold on to the handle bars at the roof of the Jeepney. Don’t let this scare you though, Jeepney accidents are uncommon, and despite the utter lack of any safety devices, death and injuries involving Jeepneys are rare, often resulting in only the Jeepney taking the damage. Most Jeepney Deaths and Serious Injuries often occur in Jeepneys in Rural Areas. This is a testament of how good Jeepney drivers are. Where else in the world will you find a driver who drives a car with the most basic mechanism and manual transmission in a poorly constructed road, holding a cigarette in one hand, money on the other hand, talking to a passenger, looking at the skirt of the a lady passenger, while going up to 80kph while zigzagging in a congested road and singing to the tune in the car radio?

You can also try to “Sabit” (which means cling to) where you stand at the end of the Jeepney and cling to the handle bar while the Jeepneey is moving. Be very careful though, since it often takes skill to do this. If ever visit the Province of the Philippines, you can also see people riding in the roof of the Jeepney, or even in the hood.

Riding in the Jeepney can also be a social event, since you can talk to the other passengers. Be careful though, there are also some people who do criminal acts inside the Jeepney. There are Pickpockets, snatchers, people who slash your bags and pants, those who take advantage of female passengers (touching your legs, peeking at your cleavage/skirts, and just recently, taking snapshots of your skirts/cleavage using camera phones). There are also holdups and robberies in Jeepneys, spcecially during the nighttime.

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