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Philippine Gangs and Criminal Syndicates - Dugo-Dugo Gang

Dugo-Dugo Gang
The Dugo-Dugo gang’s modus operandi is calling up your house and tell you that your loved ones got on an accident, and that they need immediate medical attention. The caller will often tell you that you need to go to a certain place and bring some money and/or jewelries so that they can pay the “hospital admittance deposit” which is necessary so that the supposed accident victims can be admitted to the hospital, and that they can’t be treated without first paying the deposit fee. They will then ask you to meet up with them in a certain place, often asking you what you look like and you are wearing. When you go to the meeting place, someone will approach you and asks for the money, then speed out of the place, citing that he must return immediately to the hospital to pay the deposit fee. They often draw up profound and seemingly shocking situations about your loved ones so you will panic and get confused so they can manipulate your actions.

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