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Scams and Fraud in the Philippines - Mail Order Bride/Dating Scams

Foreigners who seek Filipina Brides often come across Ads about Filipina Mail Order brides. Though this practice is common, and there are legitimate companies who delve into such affairs, there are also those scam artists who take advantage of this opportunity. The racket is that the company will fix all the papers for your mail order bride. To alleviate suspicions, they will give you the contact information of your bride via Cellphone, Landline Telephone, Mail and Email, or even Webcam Chat, so that you can talk to them. The company would then ask for Payments for the Processing Fee, Company Fee, and other Fees. The girl would then talk to you and confirm that the company is indeed processing the proper papers and legal documents that would enable her to fly to your country. As you get to communicate with the girl, she will earn your trust and affection, and would sometime ask financial aid from you. This will start off with just little things such as some shopping money or a payment for tuition (if the girl is still a student). Then it would gradually increase until you send huge amounts of money for things such as hospitalization of a Family member. . If you show signs of impatience to the company or if you seem to fail to send the girl financial aid, all communications with the company and the girl would then completely disappear, and you will never hear from them again.

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