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Forms of Transportation in the Philippines - The Tricycle

The Tricycle is basically a motorcycle with a sidecar that often serves as a public transportation in most neighborhoods in most parts of the country. It is similar to the Tuktuk of Thailand and the Indonesian Bekak. The Tricycle often has short routes, most are less than 4KM long, and the most common routes are only about 1KM long. Though in some areas of the country, mostly in mountainous rural areas where there are no paved roads, the tricycle acts like a Taxi, ferrying passengers for 10KM or more.

Tricycle designs vary from places to places. The most common design is a two seater side-car with a provision for a 3rd passenger. You can also ride in the motorcycle, in the back of the driver, often referred to as "backride" and is considered the best seat in the vehicle since it can often be cramped and hot inside the side-car. There are also tricycles whose side-cars can seat 4 people, and some can even seat 6.

Tricycles often have terminals where they wait for passengers. Since most tricycles already have a predefined route, drivers often wait for the tricycle to fill up with passengers before departing. If you are in a hurry or you just want the ride for yourself, you can tell the driver that you're going to pay "Special". You also pay "Special" if you want the driver to transport you to a place not within their usual route. Special trips often costs twice or thrice the usual amount of the regular fare

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