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Philippine Gangs and Criminal Syndicates - Salisi Gang

Salisi Gang
The Salisi Gang is a gang of thieves whose modus operandi is to rob their victims while they are distracted or not attentive of their belongings. “Salisi” literally means “to go unnoticed”. Most of the Salisi Gangs are pickpockets, who work by providing a means of distraction to their victims, then quickly snatching their wallets or purses. This comes in many forms such as a beautiful lady chatting to you, an elderly asking for directions, or a child telling he is lost.

Modern Salisi gang members now often target cell phones, small purses, and clutch bags. This is because some people often put these in the table while they are having coffee or dining. It only takes mere seconds for the best Salisi Gang members to pick-up an item from your table and then disappear. So if you’re in a public place, always be aware of your personal belongings and avoid putting cellphones, purses, and wallets on the table.

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