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Philippine Gangs and Criminal Syndicates - Kidnap for Ransom Syndicates

Kidnap for Ransom Syndicates
The most renowned crime syndicate in the Philippines is the Kidnap for Ransom syndicate. They often target wealthy businessmen, Tourists, and Expats. They often scout and carefully watch the activities of their targets and monitor the places they go to.

Some of the Kidnap victims are hesitant reporting the crime to the Police since it is widely known that here in the Philippines, most of the Kidnapping Gangs have members who actually are high Ranking officers of the police or the Military. Dennis Roldan, a once famous actor and Politician was even apprehended and found guilty in this kind of illegal activity. It is highly advisable for foreign nationals and tourists to consult their local national embassy for help instead of going to the police.

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