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Forms of Transportation in the Philippines - The Pedicab

The Pedicab (also referred to as "Padyak" or "Sidecar") is a public transport vehicle similar to a tricycle, but instead of a motorcycle, a Bicycle is used. Pedicabs often have route less than a Kilometer long. Unlike the motorcycle, there is no backride in the Pedicab, and trips are carried out per passenger, meaning that you don't have to wait for other passengers before the Pedicab departs. The maximum number of passengers would be 3 or 4. The Pedicab also uses a makeshift foot-break instead of the traditional hand-clutch break in bicycles. The Pedicabs in Samar and some parts of the Cebu region have bigger wheels that resemble a racing bike and the side-car compartments look like small versions of the Kalesa cabin.

You may be wondering why there is a need for Pedicabs when most Pedicab routes can be easily reached by walking. Well, most Pedicab passengers often have heavy cargo, and the convenience of the pedicab easily lifts off the burden and allows the person to rest for a while. Some just don't like walking in the heat of the sun, especially when they have just taken a shower and they are going to work or school. Pedicabs are also useful during rainy days, where the poor drainage of most cities causes the streets to be flooded and people don't like walking in the flooded streets.

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