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Filipinos love the Internet. Filipinos mainly use their internet connections primarily to chat, surf the web, using web based email services, and just recently, online gaming.
All 4 (PLDT, Globe/Innove, BAYAN, and Digitel) major residential fixed line carriers also offer Internet subscription. All 4 companies have broadband services such as DSL and Wireless Broadband Internet and also offer traditional Dial-up connection. Sky Cable company also offer Cable internet connection, thru its Zipidee service.

The following is a list of some of the most popular ISP’s in the Philippines

Airborne Acces

An ISP specializing in providing Wi-fi Hotspot services. It has two major products, LAUNCHPAD and WINGSPAN, a prepaid Wi-fi connection service.

Basic Internet
Provides Internet services in the Northern region of the Philippines. They offer Dial-up, Leased line, and DSL connections. They also offer Webhosting and Webdesign services.

Bayan Communications

Formerly known as Bayantel, Bayan Communications offers a wide variety of network services for both residential and corporate market. For the Business sector, Bayan offers most of the Data and voice services needs that a corporation would require. For residential subscribers, Bayan offers Broadband DSL, Wireless Broadband, and post-paid and pre-paid dial-up service. Prepaid dial-up service is available from their pre-paid card, Bl@st. Bl@st offers pre-paid connection for both dial-up or Wi-fi connection. Bayan has also acquired Skyinternet, which made enabled Bayan to provide dial-up connections nationwide.

Bayan Communications is preferred by most subscribers because of their good service and is also competitively priced. Their network coverage is very limited though.

Bitstop Internet
Bitstop Inc. started in Dagupan City, Pangasinan. They currently offer dial-up and leased line connections in the Luzon Area, including Bicol in the Southern part of Luzon.

Bohol Quality

An ISP providing dial-up, leased line, and dedicated direct links in the Island of Bohol in the Cebu Area.


A cable internet service provider in Cagayan de Oro city in Misamis Oriental.

Compass Internet

One of the very first ISP’s in the Philippines. They offer Dial-up, leased line, and DSL connection all throughout the Philippines. They also offer VOIP and Webhosting services.

Destiny Cable
Provides Cable Internet services.


Digitel provides data and voice services to both residential and corporate market. They offer their ISP services thru Digitelone.

Eastern Telecoms

An ISP and Telecommunications company primarily providing services in the corporate market.

Provides various Data services to both residential and commercial sector in Metro Manila.

E-mail Company
Provides E-mail hosting, dial-up and leased line connections, and web hosting.

Global Link Internet
Provides Dial-up, Leased line, and Dedicated line services. They also offer DSL connection thru a partnership with Digitel.

Globe offers their internet services to both residential and business sector. GlobeQuest is their subsidiary that deals with commercial and corporate services. GlobeQuest offers complete data and voice solutions.

Globelines is the subsidiary that caters to the residential market. They offer both traditional dail-up connection and broadband DSL thru Globe Broadband. Globelines dial-up have both postpaid and prepaid dial-up services. Globe Broadband has DSL and wireless broadband Internet.

Green Dot DSL
Green Dot DSL specializes in broadband connections in the greater Manila area and up to some nearby areas of Laguna, Rizal, and Bulacan.

An ISP providing various data services solutions which includes broadband DSL and Dial-up connections. They also offer pre-paid dial-up connection thru their i-Republic prepaid cards.

A dial-up service in Manila that offers prepaid internet connection thru online purchase.

One of the pioneers in the Philippine’s ISP services. Provides mostly Business solutions for data and voice services. They also offer pre-paid dial-up internet connection thru their pre-paid cards.


An ISP in Zamboanga city in Mindanao which provides post-paid and pre-paid Dial-up connections.

Laguna Internet
An ISP in the Laguna province that provides dial-up and leased line connection. They also have Network solutions and consultation services.

Manila Online
An ISP in Manila specializing in dial-up connections


One of the premiere ISP in the Philippines, Mozcom offers a variety of data services to both residential and corporate sector. It has many subsidiaries that offers internet connection in various provinces such as Basic Internet in the Ilocos Region, Omnitronics in General Santos City, and NetQuest in Batangas.


A subsidiary of MozCom internet in Batangas.


A subsidiary of MozCom internet in General Santos City.

Pacific Internet
An ISP company specializing in dial-up connections and E-mail hosting.

An ISP that provides a wide array of services which includes webhosting, business network solutions, and Voice and Data services. Philonline provides dial-up, leased lines, and Wi-fi connections.


PLDT is the premiere ISP and telecommunications company in the Philippines. PLDT provides ISP and telecommunications services in both the residential and corporate market.

Skyinternet has already been acquired by Bayan.

Textron Satellite
A company that specializes in providing VAS satellite service to the whole of the Philippines. They offer two-way VSAT internet.

TheNet Service Provider

A dial-up service in Metro Manila

Tridel Technologies

An ISP company that provides Internet and Network services in the Corporate sector.

UNet Philippines

A multinational company providing various data and voice solutions to corporations and business sector.

Provides Broadband DSL.

ZPDee Cable Internet
A subsidiary of SkyCable Cable TV service that provides Cable internet connection.

Public Wi-Fi Access Connections

Most commercial establishments in greater Manila and in some provinces provide free Wi-fi access. Most major malls, hotels, and restaurants have a wi-fi zone that you can connect to free of charge.

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