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That’s the official greetings of Filipinos to visitors. It’s akin to Hawaii’s “Aloha”, it can be used to greet someone who has just arrived here in the Philippines or to bid goodbye to some one who is leaving.

I started this Blog to showcase my country: The Philippines. If you want to learn something about the Philippines, then you have come to the right place. I will constantly update this site and try my best to post something of interest to every one

Why Three Stars and a Sun?

This is the Philippine’s National Flag. As you can see, it has three stars and a sun on it. The three stars signify the Philippine’s 3 main group of islands which are:

The sun denotes unity among the three islands and its people. A nation under one sun. Hence, the term “Three stars and a sun” refers to the Philippine Flag.

If you want to learn more about the Philippines, feel free to take a look around this site. I constantly update it with the latest news, stories of the places I visited, and other interesting topics.



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