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Philippine Gangs and Criminal Syndicates - Maid for hire Gang

Maid for hire Gang
A gang which seems to be the combination of the Ativan Gang and Akyat-Bahay Gang. The maid for hire gang works like this; A woman will knock on your doors and ask if they can work in you household as a maid. She tells you that she can give you references such as NBI and Police clearances. She will then tell you that she is an all-around worker and that she specializes in cooking. She will then present that she cook a dish for you so that you’ll be impressed. As you are eating the dish that she cooked, she will then ask if you want any part of your house cleaned, and that the cooking and cleaning is a free demonstration of her skills and that it doesn’t matter if you decide to hire her or not, she just wants to prove that she’s a good maid. What you don’t know is that she drugged the dish she prepared, and once the effect of the drug kicks in, she will then pillage your home, mostly looking for cash or jewelry.

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