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Scams and Fraud in the Philippines - Annoying Airport Photographers

When you visit the Philippines and land on the airport, you will encounter people who will take snapshot photographs of you. They will even ask you to smile or wave to the camera. No, they are not your fans or neither are they just happy to see you. When you step out of the Check-out counter, they will come up to you and present you with your snapshot. They will then ask you for a photographer’s fee which amounts from 10 US$ to 20 US$. If you choose not to buy the photo, they will tell you sad stories such as they need the money for their children’s tuition, to pay hospital bills, or that it’s the only way they can get money for food. Don’t believe them. Most of these guys earn around 100 US$ up to 200 US$ per day doing these kind of scams. Besides, who wants their picture taken after a long grueling flight?

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