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Forms of Transportation in the Philippines - Electric Commuter Trains

The Light Rail Transit (LRT) line is the best way to travel around in the greater Manila area. It consists of 3 lines that connect the cities of Manila, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Makati, Caloocan, Quezon City, Pasig, and Pasay. It is the fastest, cheapest, and most comfortable (when it is not rush hour) mode of transportation in Urban Manila. The LRT1, the oldest of the three lines, is the first electric metro train line in Southeast Asia. The LRT1 and MRT Line 2 is owned and controlled by the government. The MRT1 is partly owned by Metrostar Company. The LRT1 services a route from Baclaran, Pasay city, to Monumento, Caloocan City. The MRT1 traverses along EDSA, from the EDSA station of the LRT1, to North Avenue in Quezon City. The newest line is the MRT2, which is a 13.8KM railway that traverses Santolan, Pasig City to Recto, Manila City. The lines are somewhat connected in some stations. They don't exactly share the same station, but your can transfer from one line to another in just a few walks. For example, The LRT1 connects to the MRT1 via their EDSA stations. You walk thru a mall in Pasay to go to the MRT1 station. The LRT1 connects to the MRT2 in Recto thru the LRT1 Carriedo Terminal. You go down the LRT1 Carriedo station and walk about two blocks to go to the MRT2 Recto station. The MRT1 and MRT2 meet up at their Cubao stations. You can walk thru the Gateway and Plaza Fair malls to go to the train stations.

The LRT1, MRT1, and MRT trains have separate cabins for the elderly and women passengers, since some women passengers have been complaining that some male passengers tend to get "frisky" in the train. Well, it can't be avoided, since during rush hours, the trains can be really jam packed. This is especially true in the MRT1 station, which is the busiest among the three lines. Most passengers complain about the LRT1 line because it is narrow and most don't have a working airconditioner. The newest line, the MRT2 is the most comfortable of the three. All three lines operate from 5am to 9pm.

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