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Philippine Gangs and Criminal Syndicates - Akyat-Bahay Gang

Akyat-Bahay Gang
Akyat-Bahay literally means “Climb-House”. This is a robbery gang the specializes in breaking and entering your homes and robbing your valuables. They often do “reconnaissance” in your home and family activities such as what time you leave, what time you return, who is left in the house, and how can they get inside the house. They often do this in long periods of time, so that they can precisely time, plan, and coordinate their attack.

Homes that live in villages which have security guards patrolling the village are not safe from the Akyat-Bahay Gang. They also scout the activity of the security guards, your neighbors, and even your housemaids, so that they can get into your house without too much hassles and avoid being detected.

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