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Filipino Noodle Soup Dishes

Mami is a Noodle Soup dish that uses the Miki noodles. The soup can either be made from beef broth, or chicken broth. It served with fried garlic and chopped spring onions sprinkled on top.

Lomi is a Noodle soup dish with a thick sauce. The sauce is thickened by using chicken liver and flour. Lomi Noodles are like Miki Noodles but they are much thicker and is often shrimp flavored.

A type of Vermicelli Noodle which is very soft and very thin. Misua is most often cooked in broth, similar to Mami.

Sotanghon is the noodle soup way of cooking Bihon noodles. The Bihon noodles are cooked in a broth made out of chicken stock or shrimp stock.

Pansit Ilocano
Pansit Ilocano is a Noodle Soup dish characterized by the use of stock made from usually boiled pig innards. The innards are deep-fried and then sautéed. This results on a very flavorful and meaty taste. The Noodles themselves resemble a softer and version of Miki Noodles and usually looks like Fettuccine Pasta.

La Paz Batchoy
La Paz Bactchoy is a very famous noodle dish similar to Pansit Ilocano. It originated from the city of La Paz in the Iloilo province. Batchoy is believe to come from the Chinese word “Batchui”, meaning pieces of meat. The soup has a unique combination of sweet, salty, and spicy. Like Pansit Ilocano, Pork Innards were originally used to create the La Paz Batchoy broth. However, La Paz Batchoy has been modified to use Pork Liver, maybe to differentiate it from the Pansit Ilocano. The Miki noodles is usually used in La Paz Batchoy. It is served with a raw egg topped on it, similar to some Chinese noodle dishes.

Pansit Molo

Another Famous noodle dish from the Iloilo province is the Pansit Molo. It is a soup noodle dish which resembles the Italian Ravioli. A meat filling usually made from ground pork and ground chicken is sandwiched between two Molo Wrappers which resembles a thin puff pastry. It is then cooked in a garlicky chicken broth.

The humble sopas is the Noodle Soup dish of choice during breakfast time. It is very similar to the American Chicken Noodle Soup, but is more garlicky and butter is usually not used. Ground Pork or Corned beef is also usually added in the recipe.

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