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Filipino Bread and Pastries II

Siopao is the Filipino version of the Chinese steamed bun “Baozi”, possibly the “Cha Siu Bao” variant which is a Baozi with pork Barbecue Filling. There is mainly two variants of Siopao which is named after their fillings – The Asado, and the Bola-Bola. Siopao Asado is filled with Pork Asado, a savory Pork dish similar to Adobo. Siopao Bola-Bola is filled with a big meatball made from gound pork and salted duck eggs. You can differentiate the two by the color of the dot in the bun. A Red dot is Asado, yellow dot is Bola-Bola. A siopao without a filling is called Mantao.

Hopia is the Filipino version of the Chinese Mooncakes. It is a light flaky pastry usually filled with mung bean paste. Other variants of hopia have red mung bean paste (Red Monggo Hopia), Ube jam (Hopia Ube), Pineapple (Hopia Pinya), or Pork filling (Hopiang Baboy).

A common Merienda favorite is the Ensaymada. It is a bread which is similar to a Danish, and is topped with margarine, grated cheese, and salted egg. Local neighborhood bakeries also have a version where the bread is lighter, and the topping consists of just margarine and sprinkled sugar.

Pan de Coco
An undeniably Filipino bread creation is the Pan de Coco. It is a soft light bread with a shredded toasted coconut and molasses filling.

Can be loosely defined as crunchy Lady Fingers.

A biscuit similar to the Italian Biscotti.

Sticks of crunchy wafer rolls.

Turones is essentially thinner Barquillos with powdered milk inside. Other variants include “Turones de Mani” where finely ground peanuts are added to the powdered milk.

A very crunchy and flaky oval biscuit made of flour, sugar, shortening and coconut. It looks like flat Broas sprinkled with sugar.

A thin flat biscuit similar to Hopia. It is even referred to as Flat Hopia by some. The usual filling is made out of sticky molasses.

The infamous Rosquillo which is often said to be the origin of the “Filipinos” brand of chocolate biscuit snacks in Spain and Portugal . It is a thin ring shaped biscuit usually sprinkled with sugar.

Pacencia is the Spanish connotation to the Tagalog word “Pasensya” which means “Patience”. It is a light and crisp round cookie.

Cookies which are very similar to the Pacencia but is shaped like the Camachile Fruit, which kind of looks like Tamarind fruits.

Lengua de Gato
Lengua de Gato means "Cat's tongue" in Spanish, which is what this very delectable biscuit looks like. It is a thin biscuit which is very buttery in taste.

Puto Seko/Puto Seco
A cookie which has a hard but brittle exterior but the inside is soft and powdery.

A kind of powdery Egg crackers. Galletas de Patatas meanwhile, is square with upturned corners.

A powdery cookie similar the Puto Seko but instead of regular flour, Arrowroot flour is used.

General Term for Bread Pudding.

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