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Forms of Transportation in the Philippines - The FX taxi

FX's are AUV's (All utility Vehicles) that are often found where there are Jeepney routes. They offer an aiconditioned alternative to the Jeepneys and they are often a faster way to travel since they don't have to pick passengers as often as a Jeepney. FX's seat 10 people, 2 in the front, alongside the driver, 4 in the middle, and 4 in the back. Some FX drivers purposely lower the Aircon setting to the bare minimum to save on fuel, and it is sometimes better to ride the jeepney, especially in short distances.

The FX was borne out of the Toyota Tamaraw FX, an AUV that was first used as a "Mega-Taxi", which is a metered Taxi for groups of people who won't fit inside a normal taxi. Some people found out that they can use it like a Jeepney, usually driving the same route as the Jeepney. Thru this method, they can earn more than just by being a metered taxi. This mode of transportation became hugely popular that even those who have a non-public use vehicle registration used their AUV's to serve as FX taxis. Of course the Jeepney drivers and operators cried afoul since their earnings have drastically dwindled since the FX taxis came along. The Mega-taxi license has now been cancelled, and now replaced by the "Garage-Terminal Express" license. GTE vehicles are supposedly not allowed to pick up passengers along the routes, they have to pick up and drop-off passengers on specified terminals only. But of course, they still pick up and drop off passengers along their routes since terminals are often empty except during rush hour, and most FX taxis don't line up in terminals, since it requires expensive membership fees.

FX vehicles that lines up in terminals often have a fixed rate, whether you are dropping off nearby or going to the drop-off terminal at the other end of the route. The most common FX taxis are the Toyota AUV's like the Tamaraw FX, Tamaraw Revo, and the new Innova. Due to the high public demand, Isuzu and Mistubishi also released their own AUV versions such as the Hi-Lander and Crosswind for Isuzu, and the Adventure for Mistubishi. In some places, especially in the Malls and near Offices, vans such as the Mistubishi L300 and Hyundai Besta are also used like FX AUV's and generally have GTE licenses. But they often don't pick-up passengers along the way. Some FX and GTE Vans also have short provincial routes.

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