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Forms of Transportation in the Philippines - Taxi Cabs

There are also Taxi Cabs that prowl the streets of the Philippines. The city taxis in the greater manila areas are notorious for commissioning a high price and opting for a contractual price rather than the meter. Some contracts you to add an additional price to the meter, a sort of "Forced Tipping" scheme, telling you that the place you're going to is too far, out of their usual route, or if there's too many passengers or you're carrying too much baggage. They also take advantage of the passengers during rush hours and the holiday season. The worst time to get a taxi is when it's raining; you'll have a very difficult time finding one and if you ever do, expect to pay a ridiculously high price for fare. Unless you're in a real hurry, don't ride in taxi's that asks for a fare other than the meter. Most of the nicest taxi drivers are the older ones, and those who own their own taxis. Some Taxis even have a barely noticeable airconditioning. In Bagiuo city however, the majority of the taxi drivers are nice and it's rare to find drivers that overcharge. They don't mind not being given a tip neither. I once rode a taxi in Bagiuo and my fare amounted to 38.00 pesos, I gave the driver 40.00 Pesos and didn't mind getting the change but the driver alighted the taxi and handed me the 2.00 peso change. They also have a lower rate, 15 Pesos for the initial meter and 2.00 Pesos additional per 200 meters compared to 25.00 and 2.50 in Manila. Maybe the fact that they don't have to use the vehicle's airconditioning (since Bagiuo already has a cold climate) and save on fuel makes them less greedy. But taxi drivers in other provinces such as Metro Cebu are also nice. There are also Airport taxis in Airports such as NAIA, but they are expensive and drivers tend to ask passengers for extra tips, especially from foreigners.

The most common vehicle used as Taxis are the Toyota Corolla, including the newest Corolla VIOS. Other car models are the Nissan Sentra and the the Kia Pride. The newest vehicle to be used as taxis is the Toyota Avanza, which looks like a small AUV. There are now also taxis that use Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) to cut down on fuel costs. While some of these LPG taxis are just fine, most of them have poorly installed LPG kits and you can smell the gas inside the vehicle. LPG taxis also offer less baggage space at the trunk compartment since this is where the LPG tank is installed.

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