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Forms of Transportation in the Philippines - Buses

Buses are the 2nd most utilized form of transportation in the Philippines, 2nd only to Jeepneys. They are often found on the Urban High ways and are often the only way of transportation to and from provinces. Buses on a city route don't often have a terminal, they just circle around their routes, like most Jeepney do. Provincial trip buses don't really have a central terminal (except for some provinces like in Dau, Pampanga and Bagiuo City, Benguet). Each bus company has their own terminals, but the terminals are often clustered in one place, like in Cubao and in Pasay. In most cases, you don't even have to go to the bus terminals, you just wait for them in the streets where they pass by and flag them, but of course, this depends if the bus still have seats and most of the times you are relegated to the worst seats.

In the city areas, especially in Manila, Buses are the worst choice of transportation. Aside from the fact that most of the city roads are already congested with heavy traffic, Buses oftentimes stall for long periods of time on Bus stops to call on passengers, especially in the malls. It is also common to see buses packed to the brim, with passengers standing in the aisle. Non-Airconditioned buses are more frightening, with passengers often barely clinging in the doorways. Some people get scared riding the buses since they sometimes get so close to one another that you can French-kiss the person in the other bus. During the wee hours of the morning however, at around 3 to 4am where the roads are wide open, those Non-airconditioned buses (specially the ones traveling along EDSA) will give you a ride that rivals a rollercoaster.

The Philippine Rabbit Bus line used to be the premiere Provincial Bus line in the Philippines, but it suffered bankruptcy and is now lagging behind in the Bus company race. Partas Transportation Company is now the liner of choice for trips to the northern provinces (Ilocos Norte, Bagiuo, Abra, Pangasinan). They are a bit more expensive, but they do boast of the most comfortable and cleanest buses. Five Star and Victory Liner are also good, but their routes don't go as far as Partas. If you want to go further north of the Philippines like in Cagayan Valley and Isabela, Autobus Transport Systems and Aladdin Transport Corporation are the bus lines of choice. For provinces nearby to the south of Manila, (like in Batangas and Laguna) BLTB liner and JAM Transit is popular. For provinces further south, BLTB liner, Inland Trailways, and JB Line will take you there.

There are also smaller bus lines in each province. Some often have a makeshift central terminal, consisting only of a big vacant lot with some stalls that sell refreshments. These terminals often have non-airconditioned buses, small buses, and Jeepneys that offer transportation to adjacent provinces. These buses often belong to transport companies that own only one or two buses, and they don't offer much comfort, security, nor insurance and safety found in major Bus companies, but they are often the only way to go to certain places.

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