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Philippine Gangs and Criminal Syndicates - Ativan Gang

Ativan Gang
Probably one of the oldest criminal group in the Philippines, the Ativan Gang targets mostly male tourists who goes to the Philippines seeking some “Adult Fun”. The primary modus operandi of this gang is to attract a male tourist through a pretty female gang member. As the female is “charming” her way to the unsuspecting victim, or as she and a “customer” is engaging in sexual activity, she slips in some drugs in her victims drink to knock him out cold, similar to how date-rapists do their deeds. As the victim is sleeping, she will then proceed to rob all the valuable possessions of the victim.

The Ativan Gang can be primarily found on most “Red Light” districts of the country such as Olonggapo in Pampangga and Malate in Manila. Some Gangs even have penetrated the Makati and Quezon City Yuppies hotspots and blends in with the Yuppie party partygoers.

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