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Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) is the country’s first and largest telecommunications company. It used to monopolize the telecommunications industry before deregulation made it possible for other companies to compete in the market. As of now, PLDT still owns the largest share in the market in both the residential and business sectors. It also has the widest coverage, covering all the major islands in the Philippines. Digital Communications Philippines (Digitel) was able to cut in to the scene by providing fixed-line services to remote towns and provinces that PLDT has not reached. Digitel is still the company of choice for residential lines in most rural areas since PLDT seems to concentrate more on Business and corporate lines, and it is easier to apply for a Digitel line. Globe Telecommunications (now Innove Communcations) provided a stiff competition to PLDT in Urban areas of the country, focusing its services in the greater Manila Area and Metro Cebu. BayanTel (now Bayan Communications) became popular because of their cheap rates and quick services. Bell Telecommunications, Eastern Telecommunications, Philcom, and Philippine Telephone and Telegraph Company (PT&T) primarily competes in the Business area of the market.

Aside from the traditional fixed landline phones, the 4 (PLDT, Innove, Bayan, and Digitel) major companies involved in the residential line market is now competing heavily in the “wireless landline” market. First introduced by Bayan communications, consumers are now preferring the wireless landline over traditional fixed line because it’s easier to obtain, since there are no more installation procedures to get through. The introduction of a pre-paid system on landline use also made owning a phone line easier, since most consumers find it cheaper and also made owning a line easier since in most cases, no more registration is required.

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