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Philippine Gangs and Criminal Syndicates - Budol-Budol Gang

Budol-Budol Gang
The Budol-Budol Gang or “Exchange Gang” is a criminal group who specializes in conning their victims with lucrative offers which is most of the time difficult to resist. Some say that they even use hypnotism in their activity. The Budol-Budol Gang’s primary modus operandi is selling or pawning seemingly valuable but apparently almost worthless items in exchange for cash or other valuable property. The most common scenario is they come up to you and talk to you about how they need money for emergency purposes. They will tell you that a buyer is supposedly running late in their transaction and that they really need the cash as soon as possible. They will offer you their jewelry, land/property title, bars of gold or any other valuables as collateral in exchange for cash, and that as soon as the buyer arrives with the money, they will buy back the items. If you agree, they will give the items to you and speed off, telling you to wait as they give the money to the hospital and meet the buyer of the items you are holding. They won’t be returning of course, and you soon find out that the jewelries or land titles are fake, or the supposedly gold bricks are just painted blocks of bricks.

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