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Filipino Noodle Dishes - Dry/Non-soupy Filipino Noodle Dishes

Pansit Canton
The most well known noodle dish throughout the Philippines. Pansit Canton is a stir-fried noodle dish made from Canton egg-noodles, vegetables, and strips of meat like pork,chicken, chicken liver, or shrimp. Some varieties of Pansit Canton have a thick sauce.

Pansit Bihon
Almost similar to Pansit Canton, the difference is that Bihon actually a kind of Vermicelli made from rice. It is often drier than Pansit Canton, and the vegetables and meat used is sliced much thinner than that of Pansit Canton.

Pansit Miki
Pansit Miki can be sometimes referred to as Pansit Mami, since the Miki noodle is more commonly used in a soup-based noodle dish called Mami. Miki noodles are also a kind of egg-noodles like Canton noodles, but it is softer, firmer, and thinner.

Pansit LugLug /Pansit Palabok
LugLug noodles are also a kind of rice Vermicelli noodles similar to Bihon noodles. The difference is that Luglug noodles are opaque while Bihon is transparent. Luglug noodles are also starchier than Bihon noodles. Pansit Luglug can also be called Pansit Palabok. The preparation is similar to that of preparing Spaghetti. The noodles are cooked, then a thick sauce made from shrimp stock is poured over it. A multitude of toppings like flaked Tinapa (a kind of smoked fish), fried Tofu cubes, crushed Chicharon, shrimp, slices of hard boiled eggs, squid rings, fried garlic, and chopped green onion are added. The sheer number of toppings is why it gained the name Pansit Palabok, since “Palabok” means ornaments.

Pansit Malabon
So called since this noodle dish was created in Malabon, a city in the National Capital Region of the Philippines. Similar to Pansit Luglug, except Malabon noodles are thicker and are usually just 2 to 3 inches long. The sauce is also thinner, and is often already incorporated with the noodles before the toppings are added.

Pansit Habhab
A specialty of the Quezon province, Habhab noodles is similar to Canton noodles except Habhab noodles are already seasoned. Pansit Habhab is prepared similar to Pansit Canton but the ingredients are fewer. It is originally prepared with just thin strips of carrots, cabbage, and sayote (chayote fruit). The cooked dish is placed on a rectangular piece of banana leaf. The traditional way of eating Pansit Habhab is to take the banana leaf and let the noodles slide down into your mouth, much like eating the last pieces of potato chips out of the package.

The Bam-I is a Cebuano edition of Pansit. It is characterized by using a combination of a thicker kind of Pansit Canton together with Bihon noodles.

Filipino Spaghetti
If you are used to the Italian Spaghetti, then you will be surprised when you taste the Filipino version. The Spaghetti sauce used is sweeter, mainly because sugar and banana Ketchup is added to the tomato sauce. Thinly sliced hotdogs are also added to the sauce. As for the noodles, regular Italian spaghetti noodles are more commonly used, but an authentic Filipno Spaghetti uses the Malabon Noodles. Grated Parmesan cheese is not the usual candidate to use in Filipino Spaghetti, instead, cheaper Edam or a simple Processed Cheese is used. If you are using the Malabon Noodles however, grated cheese is not necessary.

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